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Choosing an SEO Company

First Page SEO™ is the #1 ranked organic search engine optimization company on Google for "Ontario search engine optimization" and "Ontario search engine marketing". Check it for yourself!

First Page SEO™ has never left this #1 position on Google for the past thirteen years. While others come and go, First Page SEO™ is always at the top. If your search engine marketing firm or webmaster can't achieve top ranking for their own site ... what makes you think they can achieve excellent placement for your site?

We are not following the crowd like many SEO companies. We do our own testing and we maintain a client base of some 400 customers including over 150 sites that we have built and manage on an ongoing basis. When something changes in a search engine algorithm, we are on it ... not waiting for the news to show up in some SEO forum weeks later. No gimmicks, no bull ... just results. Before you hire a SEO company, do your homework ... as there are more bad search engine marketing firms out there than there are good ones.