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Facebook PPC Management

Facebook is a marvelous social marketing tool used to keep in contact with one another. It allows us to share our lives with friends and keep up to date with everyone we know with ease. It also is a tremendous web marketing tool for businesses. Facebook has grown to be the largest social networking site by far, with over a billion users worldwide, which provides a powerful advertising medium for business to reach out to clients. Using Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, you can attract many high-quality targeted leads to your site, vastly increasing your business.

Facebook has changed its targeting methods. They purchased the company ATLAS and have begun using its tracking techniques to be able to offer more highly targeted ad placement. Facebook PPC used to draw on user's listed interests and "Liked" pages to determine ad placement. They now track users across the web, and display ads based on web pages that they have visited, searched terms, and more.

Some may say that this is overstepping privacy boundaries, but the fact remains that it allows Facebook Advertising to generate incredibly well-targeted leads for your business through their advertising, often at a much lower cost-per-click than Google AdWords.

Facebook advertising campaigns are still set up either to drive traffic to your website or to your company's Facebook page, and we can run either style of campaign for you. When we set up your campaign we ensure that it is properly targeted and that your money is used in the most efficient manner. The service cost is 18% of your daily budget. If you are interested in starting up a Facebook PPC campaign, or if you have any questions regarding it, please feel free to contact us.

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