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Google AdWords Management Service


Over one million in AdWords budget managed.


More than 200 AdWords campaigns optimized.


Over 15 years of PPC management experience.

Let us take the worry out of keyword bidding your Google AdWords Account. First Page SEO is a Google AdWords Badge Partner. We write professional ads using the best value terms for your products or service and maximize the efficiency of your bids based on your budget cap. We are experts in pay per click (PPC) and can ensure maximum ad impression foot print utilizing ad extensions. We handle all the costs from our account and send you a printout of the stats directly from the AdWord dashboard (Google stats sent twice per month). You only pay for targeted click-throughs to your site.

Our standard fee is 18%, so if you had a budget of $10 per day, our management fee would be $1.80 per day, and there is no set up fee.

With this fee, our ongoing management services are:

Display Network Pay-per-Click Ads

Display ads are run through Google's AdWords dashboard and include text or graphic ads that appear on selected websites across the web. You can choose the websites your ads will show up on based on demographics, traffic levels, site themes, and also just through manual site selection. The ads will have a high click-through rate and bring you a large volume of targeted traffic.

With display ads, we can either use graphic ads that are already created, or we can create new ads for you. Keep in mind though - if you want to use your own ads, there are guidelines that need to be followed, so changes may have to be made.

Display ads are a very useful medium for driving leads through to your website, but they must be used wisely. Some people find these ads intrusive, especially when combined with remarketing. It is for this reason that you should trust your ad campaigns to qualified professionals. Remarketing with AdWords can build your targeted traffic and leads by leaps and bounds, but it must be done correctly.

Google's guide to working with a third-party advertising partner.

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