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Website Hosting & Domain Registration

Hosting Services

Reliable website hosting with our "Always On" guarantee - First Page SEO has dedicated managed servers for our clients. We keep these servers lightly loaded, at no more than 60% capacity to help prevent server outages that can be caused by peak period server overloads. In addition to the reduced server loads, having the dedicated server space means that you are not sharing a server with any bad neighbourhoods which can cause site viruses that will affect your website's backend platform. Each account has fully partitioned space on our servers.

We offer site hosting on servers with Windows OS or UNIX. This allows us to host many different types of CMS systems, including WordPress and Perch, as well an optimized host for custom coded websites and database applications.


Single Gateway Page
$150 CDN per year

Web Sites (with up to 10 email addresses)
$250 CDN per year

Initial email addresses no charge set up.
Additional email addresses $25 CDN per set-up.

Domain Registration

In addition to website hosting, we offer domain registration services. One of the big differences between First Page SEO and our competitors is that when we register a domain for you, it is in your name, so you hold ownership over the domain. Often, domain registration companies will resgister the domain under their company name, giving them legal ownership of the domain. We can register standard .com or .ca domains for you, but we can also register newer Top Level Domains like .me, .online, .tech and much more.


.ca or domains $35 CDN per year
.com domains $25 CDN per year

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