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Ethical Backlink Building Strategies

First Page SEO does not use offshore link building services from India, Pakistan, China, etc. as we keep all of our SEO services in-house, due to quality control requirements. Many search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing have a backlink component in their search algorithm that is a factor in web site placement. Inbound links to your site are viewed as votes for your site, provided that the links that pointto your site are consistent with your site theme. In the case of Google, one way backlinks account for upwards of 25% of the Google algorithm, and this has a corresponding effect on your placement.

News Feed Program

News Feeds Can Help Build Powerful Inbound Links. An often overlooked, but very effective way to boost your traffic and page ranking is to submit news releases, properly formulated to news feeds that are continually spidered by Google and other search engines in their hunt for fresh news. MarketWired, for example, is a feed that accepts releases by category for editorial approval. Once your release is approved, expect it to go to the top of search listings for the keyword topic that the release was optimized for. Depending on the theme, the listing can stay near the top of a keyword search for weeks or a month before it falls off in potency in the news feed archive. Very quickly, it ends up in the search engine index.

For an example, First Page SEO submitted a release and the article was #1 for the phrase link programs for a two week period. Months later, it could still be found further down on the first page and will remain archived in the search index as an inbound link for many years! The key is writing your releases in acceptable news style, having a story worthy of interest, keeping the text keyword rich and trying to stick with one theme. First Page SEO will write the article for you for a fee of $90 per release.

First Page SEO News Partners

and 1400 more downstream partners

First Page SEO will ensure a feed directly to Yahoo News, Google, MSNBC, CNET, CP, etc. No waiting - this service gets you online almost immediately and the backlinks generated will point at your site from the search engine indexes. We will provide you with detailed stats so you can see your back links increase from the benchmark starting point. To get good rankings from Google and Yahoo, you must have great content on your site and get as many backlinks as possible. Article submissions allow you to get your content spread out online as well as generate backlinks from websites that are authorities in the content creation industry. Article news feeds will give you the chance to pick up links that will ultimately make the greatest difference for your online marketing.


$90.00 CDN to write article

$489.00 CDN for article syndication

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