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Our SEO Programs

At First Page SEO we take a different approach to SEO. We provide a complete website and competitor analysis with each program, in addition to the other work completed, to ensure that we know what you're up against, because SEO is all competitor relative. We offer several different programs ranging from one time, onsite SEO packages, short-term SEO plans, and also ongoing long term optimization programs.

Level 1 - Onsite SEO Program

This program covers all of the onsite SEO bases. It starts with a complete analysis of both your website, and an SEO analysis of your top placing competitors. Once we've completed the analysis we schedule a consultation call with you to go over the findings, and also learn more about your business. After that, we begin keyword research to find the highest opportunity terms for your products and services. Once we know this, we get to work optimizing your meta tags, adding Structured and Linked Data to your website, ensuring proper keyword density within the website, and much more.


Level 2 - Onsite SEO Program with Local Campaign

This is a popular SEO plan for businesses that operate both online and with a storefront. It combines all of the elements of our Level 1 program, including the analysis, conference call, keyword research, and onsite work, with a Google Local strategy. We will create and optimize a Google Places for Business account for your business to help your business show up on Google Maps and in Local searches.


Level 3 - Three Month On-Going SEO Program

This is our mid-tier solution that is for businesses that want to be more aggressive, but are still tentative about going into a full long term SEO plan. This program includes the onsite SEO, as well as, an Adwords budget to build up traffic more immediately, plus off-site SEM including backlink building by distributing articles through news feeds, and hitting on search engine algorithm social signals through social media.


Level 4 - Yearly SEO Management Program

Our Yearly Search Engine Management Service, or our Level 4 program, is our most aggressive packages. It is a year-long SEO program the incorporates all of the onsite SEO work, plus quarterly articles submitted to newsfeeds to build up online mentions and backlink votes, monthly content additions with proper keyword density to keep the website content "fresh," building up social signals through Google Plus, and much more. This SEO program is for those in a competitive market space.


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