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The internet is a wild place, and it does not have the regulation to protect companies and individuals from hearsay and slanderous comments that may influence how others see you on the web. Most people use the internet to research businesses before they decide to do business with them. Managing your reputation can be challenging as the source of offending material can come from forums, social indexes, directories and other websites. Often, forum and social posts are made anonymously and there is little that the average individual or company can do to remove the offending content without professional help. When viewers do a search on the person's name of the company name, the offending content associated with that name will be there right. If this has happened to you, it can be very detrimental to your personal life and your business. Malicious and defamatory comments online have an adverse impact on many industries including resorts, restaurants, hotels, medical, repair shops, retailers, manufacturers. Personal attacks on individuals can be equally devastating.

At First Page SEO, we offer reputation management and brand protection services to corporate and personal clients. What makes us different than other reputation management companies is that we deal with web based solutions for reputation improvement and defense. We have been in the search engine optimization and internet marketing business for over 15 years, and we have been active with brand reputation protection for five years. First Page SEO consistently ranks as one of the top search engine optimization companies in the world.

We can:

First Page SEO offers custom management solutions including consulting, but we have learned over the years that small and medium-sized businesses prefer fixed cost programs that give the customer better control of their budget and the expected outcomes of the program. Our programs use a combination of social marketing, e-media feeds, social bookmarking, article submissions, trust building on Google, Twitter, and Facebook through viral followers and site votes, link management, organic website placement and paid placement. We have unique methods to push malicious detractor sites down in the search listings while maintaining or increasing placement of your site. In concert, these methods create powerful positive viral support for your brand, products, and services.

If you are kept awake at night worrying about your brand being undermined online in a very public way, look no further - we can help. If you are proactive and interested in supporting your product and service offerings with positive online awareness and feedback that can help boost your image and sales, we can help you to succeed at that too. Give us a call for a free initial consult so we can develop a custom plan of action for you or utilize one of our fixed cost programs.

Complete Brand Reputation Management Program


$849.00 CDN per month (One year contract)

Personal Brand Reputation Management Program


$549.00 CDN per month (One year contract)

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