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Mobile Friendly Website Design

Making sure that your website is mobile friendly is paramount for today's businesses. With the widespread use of mobile devices, you can't afford to have a static site. If you are still using a static website, people will need to pinch and zoom to navigate your site, which provides a poor user experience and will result in huge bounce rates and fewer conversions from mobile users. Google will penalize sites that are not responsive.

Having a website that is mobile friendly means that it is responsive, and automatically resizes to the screen size of the user's device, as shown below.

Seamless Transitions

To avoid the website faux pas that is a static website template there are a few options. Some sites, depending on the CMS system or coding used, can be converted to a mobile layout. This option includes editing the coding and style sheets to allow the site to respond to the user's device, creating a more pleasant mobile view. Having your website converted to a mobile friendly layout is done on a job by job basis, and is determined by the current coding, and also by how many pages your site has.

If your website can't be retro-fitted to a responsive design (eg. an older WordPress site), then the only option for you is a website redesign. Although this is a more costly option, it is most often a necessary change, and one that will pay for itself in new conversions from mobile users. For more information on our pricing for building new mobile-friendly websites, please visit our website design & development page.

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