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Social Network Marketing

Social Media has made a major impact on the way people spend their time online. Social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google Plus have become integrated into people's social schedules, and sometimes the majority of a person's time is spent online on these websites.

Social media provides an easy and cost efficient way to keep in touch your clientele. As soon as one of your customers is "following" you on a social network, they will be able to see all of your posts, and keep up to date with your company. The important thing to remember is that they have to be following you or watching a site feed to see what you are posting, so be sure to factor this into your overall marketing plan.

Does social media marketing help my SEO?

Social media marketing overall has a relatively low impact on your SEO. The largest factors of the Google algorithm that Social Media has an effect on are the trust and traffic volume. It is important to keep the value of online social marketing in perspective - social media marketing should only be about 10-15% of your overall online marketing budget. Your primary goal should be making sure that people can find your company's website through search engines. Social media outlets are ideal for running promotions and keeping followers up to date, but they currently lack the ability to generate numerous direct sales, and research has shown that social media campaigns are difficult to monetize. That being said, we are not advocating that you ignore the social networks, as they are useful for building trust and traffic, but do not get caught up spending exorbitant amounts of time on them. The goal is to drive traffic from social to site.

We offer complete social media management to help you make sure that your accounts are set up and linked through to your website properly, and that your posts are set up to bring as much traffic through to your site as possible.

Social Media Management Package


$179 Initial Set up, $90 per month ongoing

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