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First Page SEO Client Reviews

"I am the current chair of the Resorts of North Muskoka resort group. First Page SEO has built our Resorts of North Muskoka websites since 2004. They host and maintain our website including web marketing SEO work. Last year they completed a 1 year Explorers Edge RTO contract that addressed a new site build, Social Marketing, Google AdWords and many other elements. We are currently second page "Muskoka Resorts" on Google. First Page SEO™ also built and maintain my own Port Cunnington Lodge website They also provide ongoing SEO services on a yearly contract and we have our best ever organic placement results - currently #3 on Google for "Muskoka Resorts" and #26 for "Ontario Resorts" "

Kim Loader - General Manager,

Port Cunnington Lodge and Resort -

"First Page SEO has a contract with Clublink Rocky Crest Resort and Sherwood Inn resort in Muskoka. They provide yearly services for both Search Engine Marketing and Google AdWords pay per click. Right now Sherwood is organically placing first page "Muskoka resorts" and Rocky Crest is running second page. More recently First Page SEO also secured a contract to provide both SE0 services and keyword bidding with our Clublink corporate office. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly."

Jerry Feltis General Manager,

Rocky Crest Golf Resort -

"The performance of the web site is a direct result in focusing on the science of search and has paid significant dividends. For example, in our first year and a half with First Page SEO our hits grew to over the 30 million mark."

Grace Sammut - Managing Director,

Resorts of Ontario -

"First Page SEO has built and optimized two sites for the North Muskoka resorts group. They built our Foxwood Resort site as well. North Muskoka resorts gets excellent placement for our keywords and First Page SEO help establish us a brand."

Rob Wallace - Member,

North Muskoka Resorts Group -

"First Page SEO built and has maintained our site for many years now. The custom online membership/pass function is a big money maker for the club. Our site dominates search for our keywords making us the strongest ATV club brand in North America"

Eric Christensen - Executive Director,


"First Page SEO built and optimized our website. They also maintain our mailing list and conduct email blast marketing for us. Our site has excellent search engine placement in our markert catchment area."

Stephanie Lapoussis,

Calibre Signs -

"First Page SEO provides the Yearly Search Engine Management Service for Woodbridge Fireplace Inc. We are a fireplace designer, manufacturer and retailer and our seo services have made a positive impact on our site placement and business."

Tony James - President,

Woodbridge Fireplace Inc. -

"Bartlett Lodge web site has been built, hosted and search engine optimized by First Page SEO. They take care of all our web marketing needs including site maintenance, organic site placement and keyword bidding."

Kim Smith - Owner,

Bartlett Lodge -

"They are easy to talk to and anytime we have questions or ideas to bounce around, they have been a great help to our businesses. We rely completely on First Page SEO™ for our web site creation and search engine placement. Our trust has been well rewarded."

Kim Smith - Owner,

The Pines Resort -

"Our requirements were two - fold when we engaged First Page SEO. We wanted a higher conversion rate of "lookers to bookers" and secondly we wanted additional qualified traffic. To date we are seeing success in both areas. You have been instrumental in success."

Bruce & Nicolle Howe - Owners,

Colonial Bay Resort -

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