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Bing and Yahoo Ad Campaign Management

First Page SEO is a Canadian leader in Bing/Yahoo Search marketing. We go back to the days pre-Yahoo PPC with Overture, and have managed over 400 campaigns and have been a Yahoo beta test partner for new products. For Canadian accounts, your bids can go to about 50 other search engine partners. Bing (MSN) provides the ad impressions to the Yahoo brand as well.

First Page SEO establishes your strongest keyword opportunities based on your monthly budget and we watch your account like a hawk, being careful to avoid bidding wars, picking up other keyword opportunities, and dropping bids if they get too expensive. Remember, you pay only for the actual click-throughs to your site, and you control your budget. First Page SEO has all the bidding costs drawn down from our account with Bing/Yahoo. We invoice you once a month with a complete stats breakdown.

Our charge for managing your account is 18 percent, and we guarantee effective campaign results because we pay attention to the bidding action in your account, and make the decisions promptly to your best advantage. We have an uncanny ability to find the best value keyword phrases that are low bid cost and have often been overlooked by others. Call or email us today for a "no cost recommendation" on a pay per click keyword campaign for your business.

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