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Search Engine Advertising vs Traditional Marketing

Search Engine Advertising vs Traditional Marketing

by Stephen Roome

What makes Search Engine Marketing stand out above other advertising mediums?

When it comes to marketing their business, most often people stick with what has worked in the past and assume that it will continue to work into the future. This includes advertising their business on radio, TV and even in newspaper ads. While these advertising spots still have some sway, they are being overrun by relatively newer advertising and marketing methods in the online world.

There are two main factors leading to the decline in lead generation through traditional advertising. One of these is that the audience is in a steady decline. Cord cutters are leading to a dwindling viewership for TV stations, as more and more people are using streaming services – most of which currently do not support advertising. In addition to that, music streaming services like Spotify that allow offline playback allow people to listen to their music in their car without having to worry about data overages. Paid-for streaming services are changing the way we ingest our media and are changing the landscape of advertising in the process.

The second reason that these advertising mediums are in decline is simple – people don’t like them. The reason why streaming services were able to become so popular is not just because of their convenience, but because they don’t have advertisements in their programs. Currently, on TV, a 30 minute program will feature almost 10 minutes of advertisements, and a 60 minute program will have 20 minutes! That’s 1/3 of your time devoted to this program taken up by advertisers. People save their time and money by cutting the cord and enjoy their programs without advertising interference.

So, if people aren’t paying attention to radio and TV anymore, how do you reach them?

You reach them by getting your business in front of them, without being intrusive. Make sure that they can find your business when they are looking for you product or service. This will lead to a much higher engagement, which in turn leads to a much more qualified lead and potential customer. This is what we call “inbound marketing”, its about bringing your potential clientele to you, instead of you to them.

The goal of search engine marketing and search engine optimization is to make sure that your website is the most prominent and easiest to find when someone is looking for what you have to offer. This traffic is proven to be the highest quality lead generation for websites, most often leading to the lowest bounce rate, highest time on site, and highest conversion rate.

The other invaluable quality of search engine traffic is the fact that it is easily quantifiable. When people visit your site after hearing an ad on the radio, or seeing your TV spot, there is no clear, easy way to track this traffic – save for flat out asking them. You can set up additional domains for each traffic source and use that, but it is a convoluted method that takes additional time and money to use correctly. Traffic through organic search and paid search advertising  are easily identified in your website’s analytics programs, allowing you to see exactly how these leads are interacting with your site, and if they are converting. With this data you can better gauge the ROI for SEO vs paid search ads, and even use real-time data to tweak campaigns and continue to increase ROI. These are things that simply can’t be done with traditional advertising mediums.

So while TV ad spots and radio commercials are still an integral part of the advertising world, they are being overtaken by online marketing strategies like SEO and SEM. If you want your business to be able to attract new customers and grow, you need to be considering search engine advertising to bring in new, high quality leads.

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